Circle in the Sand

Circle in the Sand - Lia Fairchild

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Circle in the Sand is an extraordinary story about ordinary people. The idea of childhood friends keeping their friendship alive as their lives took them in different directions appealed to me.

I like the writing style which gives a first person perspective from each of the four main characters Emily, Jax, Ned and Sage. The informality allows you to connect with the characters immediately so you feel less that you are reading the story and more like you're on the fringes of their lives watching them progress.

What make this a five star story for me are the characters that range from stay at home mum to career woman with Jax adding the quirky dimension. Ned is remarkable because of the relationship he has with the women. Their ordinariness makes them special you can empathise because you can visualise yourself in their situations.

The conflicts were often unexpected and always well explained and helped illuminate the character/s they affected. The plot possessed the necessary twists and although I guessed some of them it didn't detract from the reading experience.

A Circle in the Sand is a lovely tale of enduring friendship and sweet romance.

I received a copy of this e-book from the author in return for an honest review.