Tempted by Trouble (Crimson Romance)

Tempted by Trouble - Susan Arden

Carolina never dreamed her cousin's wedding would be so eventful for her! After a hen night to remember Carolina and Sam her cousin are almost late for Sam 's wedding. Carolina snatches a power nap to recover from the night's excesses. Parked in the car park she becomes a voyeur.Later she realises she has just met her new boss 'Matt' in less than conventional circumstances.
The two main characters are well developed. Matt first appears arrogant but his life is full of conflict and you soon want to join 'Team Matt'. . Carolina is intelligent and vulnerable. Her fascinating career is integral to the plot.You instantly warm to Carolina.
Aside from a unique plot and believable characters this book has steamy love scenes which definitely make me want to visit Texas. No wonder the ranch is in trouble, when do they get time to work! This book is a fun and entertaining read, perfect for a summer afternoon.

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