Animal Cracker

Animal Cracker - Andi  Brown

Animal Cracker captured my interest as an animal lover but with elements of humour, romance, mystery and crime it has a wide appeal.

Set in an animal rescue center the story is told through the eyes of Diane the newest member of staff. She is an animal lover, gifted with the idealism and naivety of the young. This ensures a story full of humour, poignancy and relevance.
The numerous characters are integral to the plot. The story focuses on fund-raising for the animal shelters, which throws up an eclectic range of individuals so beautifully crafted they are real. The mystery and tension in 'Animal Cracker' is cleverly written ensuring you keep reading.
Hal the animal shelter director is noteworthy. I hated him from his first appearance. This increased my empathy with Diane the heroine as she vows to discover the mysteries of her new workplace.
An easy read it is ideal for the journey to work or a lunch break treat.

'I was gifted a Kindle copy of Animal Cracker' by Andi Brown the author in exchange for an honest review.'

Jane Hunt Writer First Steps