Reverb - J. Cafesin

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Reverb is a compelling read.

The plot successfully merges the genres of psychological thriller and romantic suspense. Written in both the first and third person Reverb's unconventional writing style adds to its immediacy. For much of the story you are the fly on the wall and sometimes you don't want to be.

Vivid characters drive the story forward and even the numerous flashbacks positively reinforce the plot's momentum.

Realistic and savage many aspects of the story are tragic; James' blighted childhood inability to connect with people and the loss of his muse. The fine line between genius and mental instability is explored. James relives the graphic torture he suffered during the past year ending with a failed suicide attempt. Edward James' biological father's manipulation of his life causes a tsunami of pain and angst.

The inclusion of the torture scenes is essential to the story development but I found them unpleasant, to read. I must emphasise Reverb is an adult read.

From the darkness hope and a life changing romance emerges when James meets Elisabeth. Love heals James's damaged psyche but is it enough.

Reverb has a twisty plot even the well written ending is shadowed with past events which leave you wondering.

I was given a copy of Reverb by the author in exchange for an honest review.