Rock Into Me (Rule Breaker, #1)

Rock Into Me (Rule Breaker, #1) - Susan Arden

I couldn't put this down until I finished it.

Singing at a hard won gig Alana makes eye contact with JP a tough, arrogant music man. From his expression he doesn't seem to like her singing and the scene is set for a scorching encounter after the show.

From the first page you are absorbed into the gig's atmosphere and feel Alana's frustration at JP's derogatory opinion of her. The setting is glitzy but hard edged and grounded in reality.

A real page turner. This tempting novella leaves the reader with a 'Happy For Now' ending and definitely wanting more of Alana,JP and music city.

The story focuses on Alana and JP's electrifying connection and its erotic outcome but the book delivers more than this. The possible eventual outcomes of Alana and JPs story are many. This book is definitely the start of a very special series.