Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Confessions of a Chalet Girl - Lorraine   Wilson


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If you fancy a romantic escape to a glamorous picturesque Swiss ski resort Confessions of a Chalet Girl will take you there.

Holly didn't realise public humiliation is a prerequisite of being a chalet girl. Instant empathy with the new girl is established. Has she made a mistake? Maybe not, a sexy man flirts with her the only trouble is Scott is her new boss.

The sexual tension escalates between Holly and Scott as they avoid each other in confined circumstances but when Holly evades an over amorous client on New Year's Eve Scott and Holly share an intimate moment which makes them both want more. Scott doesn't date staff but he is willing to make an exception for Holly. The tension mounts until the inevitable happens.

The plot's interesting twists give this sexy romance its emotional depth. Both Holly and Scott must overcome their inner demons if they want their romantic interlude to last when the snow disappears.
'Confessions of a Chalet Girl' is a fun, romantic, sexy read.