Drowning (Tears of Sin, #1)

Drowning (Tears of Sin, #1) - Rachel Firasek

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Drowning is an experience rather than a story. Written in the first person from Alice and Seth's perspectives it charts their emotional journey towards happiness and fulfilment. Their happy ever after comes at a price which at many times in the story you believe is too high for either to pay.

Alice is an adrenaline junkie who seeks thrills to gain control of her life. Past abuse and present guilt damage her chance of happiness. Hard and brittle she knows little of love.

Seth and his younger brother Gabe although materially rich have little emotional wealth in their lives. Seth's mother left when he was twelve and his father distanced himself from his sons to cope with grief of losing her.

Alice and Seth are edgy and real characters aware of their problems and flaws but unable to move on from them. Viewed through their eyes the reader engagement is strong and empathy with two heroic souls inevitable.Well-crafted support characters enhance the story and make me keen to see what happens next in the Tears of Sin series.

An interesting plot full of twists blurs the lines between good and evil and delivers surprises. Torture and violence feature but they are not graphic. It is the emotional effect on the characters which makes them shocking and memorable. This said it definitely an adult read.

I would recommend this if you enjoy your romance without flowers and violins. A lasting love built from broken lives makes it remarkable and worth reading.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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