Blood Roses (Blackthorn Book 2)

Blood Roses (Blackthorn Book 2) - Lindsay J. Pryor I love Lindsay J Pryor's 'Blackthorn'. The first book in the series 'Blood Shadows' captured my interest. Book number two 'Blood Roses' is compelling. The story does stand alone as an episode of life in 'Blackthorn'but for maximum enjoyment meet Kane and Caitlin in 'Blood Shadows' first.

Leila is a complex character; devoted sister,lonely woman and Serryn a special kind of witch who hates the Vampire race. Her blood kills Vampires painfully shortly after feeding. Leila is unwillingly lured into 'Blackthorn' after a distressed call from her sister Alisha. The downward spiral continues from there.

Caleb lives by his own rules after earning a deadly reputation for killing Serryn witches.His attitude and sadistic streak make him an anti hero.You should hate him for what he is and what he does.It is his stunning sexuality and well hidden compassion that make him worth saving. His reasons for hating Serryn witches are personal and create an impenetrable barrier which Leila will have to climb if she is to save herself and their future together. Leila may appear to be subjugated by Caleb's will but I think she is the strongest character.

The plot has many twists and turns which allow Caleb and Leila's story to unfold whilst giving tantalising clues about what might happen in 'Blackthorn' in the future.The world building is so clever you are surrounded by it.
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I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series 'Blood Torn'.