The Adventures of Jillian Spectre: HarperImpulse Young Adult Romance

The Adventures of Jillian Spectre: HarperImpulse Young Adult Romance - Nic Tatano [bc:The Adventures of Jillian Spectre|20934582|The Adventures of Jillian Spectre|Nic Tatano||40304719]

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The Adventures of Jillian Spectre is an exciting experience seen through the eyes of a seventeen year schoolgirl who has a special psychic talent. Jillian lives in the mystic quarter of New York and is a seer with defined powers pertaining to romance. When her psychic talents develop and her absent father appears Jillian's adventures become life changing and apocalyptic.

The story has strong, likeable characters and a fast paced plot. It portrays popular themes in original ways and contains a strong thread of humour which mindful of the intended audience counterbalances the dark themes explored. This sweet romance allows the reader glimpses into the conflicts faced by a teenage girl who helps the others with their love lives but can't see what lies in store for her.

The antagonist is a doubly dangerous since Jillian naturally wants to know her father yet must fight against the evil he threatens the world with. The ending is suspenseful and satisfying and leaves enough loose endings to make me want to read what happens next.

An enjoyable interesting read.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK Harper Impulse via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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