Third Time Lucky

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The traumatic climax of 'The Second Time I Saw You' continues in 'Third Time Lucky' with a dramatic, emotional beginning. Alexander's hold over Lauren continues even though they are estranged. Lauren's reactions and the way she stands by Alexander and Emma, his younger sister shows a level of maturity she didn't possess when she first came to Oxford. The addictive quality of Alexander and Lauren's erotic attraction is apparent in these early chapters. Later in the story, Lauren realises their time together may be finite as their real destinies are geographically and personally worlds apart. The question left unasked is do they love each other enough to compromise?

The physical side of their relationship deepens but the trust evident in the steamy love scenes does not seem to transfer to their wider lives. Secrets and subtle interference from Lauren's parents and the malicious Valentina continue to muddy the already cloudy waters of their relationship.

Life at Oxford as the finals approach mitigates the introspection and intensity of Alexander and Lauren. The attention to detail is great and allows you to experience the fun, idiosyncrasies and traditions of Oxford University.

Perfectly scripted final scenes show a newly independent Lauren who lives life on her own terms but does Alexander fit into her new life? There is definite scope for book number 4.

I received a copy of this book from Penguin Books UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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