Dragon Heart

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'Dragon Heart' sizzles with fast-building heat, as sexy dragon shifter Drake, sheds his gentlemanly aura and gives Shay what she craves on a sultry summer evening. Leopardess shifter, Shay, is happy, her plan to lose her innocence to her dragon crush has worked but she is ill-prepared for the fatalistic consequences. Their first meeting is all about the physical and the eroticism of these scenes will make you hot and searching for a dragon of your own.

Sassy, vulnerable Shay makes some hot headed decisions, which endanger her happy ever after with Drake, and ultimately, it is so much more than red hot passion that keeps Drake and Shay together. This romantic adventure plays out against a background of shifter politics and dark Fae magic. Vivid characters, with easily recognisable human flaws are easy to visualise. They ramp up the suspense and keep this story rolling, at a rip- roaring pace. This fusion of paranormal and fantasy romance is guaranteed to keep you enthralled.
Dragon Heart is a classy, erotic tale, full of kick- ass action and passionate romance.

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

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