Bloodpledge, Book 2 of The Dantonville Legacy

Bloodpledge, Book 2 of The Dantonville Legacy - Tima Maria Lacoba [bc:Bloodpledge|22494155|Bloodpledge (The Dantonville Legacy, #2)|Tima Maria Lacoba||41847641]

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I read 'Bloodpledge 'in a couple of days. My first thoughts are exciting, enthralling and nail biting. I love the originality of the story, which continues chronologically from 'Bloodgifted.'

Laura's independence and courage develop despite her human fears, as she moves closer to her destiny. Alec is the vampire with a conscience who is determined to fight against needless killing of humanity but willing to kill without mercy anyone who threatens Laura or the 'Brethren' community under his care.

Bloodpledge explores the bond between Marcus and his men in greater detail and lends an interesting historical perspective to this fast paced urban gothic tale. Aside from the civil unrest within the 'Brethren' the clash of paranormal and human worlds also causes problems for Laura and her family.

The Australian setting is unusual and captivating. An enticing blend of action and historical detail, layered with paranormal legend and passionate romance. The first person style of writing from Alec and Laura's point of view gives the reader an immediate insight into their feelings and builds empathy.

The puzzle of the witch's curse is an overriding theme of the story. Bloodpledge reveals more pieces but the mystery remains. I look forward to the next chapter of the Dantonville Legacy.

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