A Princess by Christmas

A Princess by Christmas - Jennifer Faye [bc:A Princess by Christmas|21942751|A Princess by Christmas|Jennifer Faye|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1405259726s/21942751.jpg|41247182]

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'A Princess by Christmas' is a lovely romantic fairytale, perfect for curling up by a crackling log fire on a winter's afternoon.

Reese is an independent but emotionally vulnerable heroine. Alex is a dashing prince who turns up at Reese's family inn, incognito. A teenage mistake that led to family tragedy rules Alex's adult life, making him live by a duty first maxim.

I loved the traditional qualities of this gentle story, the importance of family, loyalty and helping others. All of these were conveyed within the modern setting of a city based inn and a dreamy Mediterranean kingdom.

The chemistry between Alex and Reese is the smouldering kind. Circumstances and proximity combine and result in steamy passion delivered in a sweetly romantic way, in keeping with the story's fairytale world.

Reese is an easy character to like as she struggles with inherited debt and her mother's emotional collapse. Alex is touched by her plight but also by her tenacity and willingness to put others, including him before her own comfort. She is no sugary, sweet heroine, which makes her refreshingly realistic. She can be controlling and impetuous but given the obstacles she faces, this isn't surprising.

Do Alex and Reese have a fairytale 'happy ever after'? Read this delightful story to find out. It has the perfect 'will she', 'won't she' magical ending guaranteed to keep you reading. You won't be disappointed.

I received a copy of this book from the author.

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