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Twitter Girl - Nic Tatano


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Twitter Girl is a must read, if you love witty dialogue. Add to this, media industry insight, delivered by vivid, easily visualised characters and you have an enjoyable read. Like 'Wing Girl', the first book by Nic Tatano, this sweet, romantic comedy is full of snarky lines from independent, career minded women, who speak their mind, before they consider the consequences.

TV journalist Cassidy's television career depends on her brash, no nonsense opinions. Twitter proves the perfect social media vehicle to get her noticed but a misconstrued tweet, puts her at the centre of a controversy. Her twitter following grows and lands her a new job on the road to 'The White House' with wannabe presidential nominee, Will Becker, eligible and drop dead gorgeous.

The cast of characters includes a dynamic, loyal best friend, Ripley. Dependable, loving younger brother, Sam and Tyler, a carbon copy of her much loved brother, who always has her best interests at heart. Will Becker is Cassidy's boss and the focus of her desire but does he reciprocate? Can she solve the mystery surrounding him even if she risks breaking her heart?

Romance, friendship, political conspiracy all features in this light hearted story but the dark secrets are shocking and force Cassidy to value what's real rather than the fantasy.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.