The Golden Key Chronicles

The Golden Key Chronicles - A.J. Nuest


#1 Rowena's Key

Rowena's Key is the first story in 'The Golden Key Chronicles';it gives a whole new meaning to 'through the looking glass'. An adult fairytale full of humour, poignancy and passion it's a fun read. Adult fans of 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' will devour this book.
Rowena an antique dealer goes against her professional instincts and buys an antiquated armoire from England because of its tenuous connection with her past. When it reveals its secrets she comes face to face with Caedmon a sexy prince who is hot enough to star in every woman's fantasy. Caedmon's language is ancient and strange with an urban edge.
The armoire comes complete with a golden key that makes Rowena, who Caedmon believes to be a powerful witch, key to the future of the fantasy kingdom.
With a great supporting cast of real and fantasy characters Rowena's key is entertaining escapism for an hour or two.

#2 Candra's Freedom.

This part of the story is set two years later when Rowena and Caedmon are living in the fantasy kingdom apart. Rowena is determined to gain her freedom and she shows her resourceful nature and admirable independence to achieve her aim against immeasurable odds. Tortured and imprisoned Caedmon fights his way back to his love. He finds a very different Rowena and little chance of reclaiming their lost love. There is lots of action, particularly good fighting scenes featuring Rowena but little romance except in Caedmon's memory. A great story to illustrate Rowena growing into her powers and destiny.

#3 Caedmon' Curse.

'Caedmon's Curse' is the third in The Golden Key Chronicles series; this is a fast paced fantasy romance full of sensual tension, larger than life characters and page turning action.
I hadn't read the second in the series 'Candra's Freedom' when I first read this book but this no way spoiled my enjoyment. Caedmon and Rowena's delightfully witty dialogue effortlessly fills in significant past events as they battle with their enemies and their magnetic attraction.
Caedmon attracts Rowena despite her distrust of his motives and memory loss. Their sexual chemistry coupled with losing him forever forces her to question why she is pushing him away. Rowena is a 21st century woman not in need of an alpha super hero but a partner who respects and supports her. Caedmon's fulfils this role admirably.
Full of important clues 'Caedmon's Curse' still leaves the reader with more questions than answers and desperate for the next instalment which is previewed at the end of the book.
A must read for lovers of fairy-tales.

#4 Braedric's Bane.

This final story sees Rowena and Caedmon sure of their love and back in the modern world where Rowena first came from. There are some lovely and humorous reunion scenes with Oliver and Jon, sizzling passion between our two lovers and important clues to the prophecy. Back to the fantasy world for the last part of the story, with an epic battle, jaw dropping magic and a happy ever after? The well thought out ending leaves the way for further stories in this fantasy kingdom. A great final instalment of a cleverly written, engaging fantasy.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.