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I have read and enjoyed all the 'Starting Out' books. This one is the most poignant and realistic and therefore for me, the most enjoyable. 'I Found You', the first book in the series introduced Billy and Lindy and neither came across as particularly likeable. 'I Need You' is their story and you don't have to read very much of this book to realise why they both acted so badly in the first book.

Billy loves Lindy. They met at school and he accepted her friendship, no matter how painful it was, rather than lose her when she hooked up with his best mate Jason. Lindy is angry and desperate when Jason dumps her for his soul mate Rachel but her pain is more complicated than Billy first surmises. Billy puts his life on hold to stop Lindy's downward spiral but she doesn't share all her pain with him and the time they spend together takes its toll on his tender heart.

The chemistry between the two friends is a slow sizzle and their love story is full of pain, fear and humour. Billy truly awakens Lindy to her full potential, in every way but is it enough for them to be together, or is Lindy's need to escape parts of her life too much for Billy to repair?

The story unfolds beautifully and it highlights the importance of forgiveness, envy and how hard you have to work to find true love. Lindy is the character that travels the furthest in this story and the one I admired the most at the end.

I Need you is a lovely feel good read.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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