The Kiss Before Midnight

The Kiss Before Midnight - Sophie Pembroke


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If you're looking for a romantic Christmas story, 'The Kiss Before Midnight' is a must read. This is the second festive story by Sophie Pembroke that I have read this week and this one is definitely my favourite. Molly and Jake have known each other forever but after last New Year's Eve, Molly can no longer see Jake, only as her older brother's best friend.

Molly is a curious mix of confidence and insecurity. During the Christmas festivities, she questions her motives for leaving the city and job she loves and whether she should pursue her last New Year's resolution.

Jake, is Molly's parents' surrogate son and he is reluctant to jeopardise this by pursuing Molly in the way he would like to. I loved Jake. In many ways he was like a small boy pressing his nose against the window of family life; A voyeur rather than a participant. Gradually he realises these feeling are internal rather than external barriers to his happiness.

The sensual heat between Jake and Molly is warmer than the mulled wine that flows so freely and leads to some humorous moments. When they finally give in to their attraction it leads to more misunderstanding and heartache for the couple.

The romance is sweet and the ending perfectly crafted. The setting is a perfect Christmas, English style, which I enjoyed.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.