How to Seduce a Fireman: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance

How to Seduce a Fireman: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance - Vonnie Davis


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I enjoyed the seasonal prequel to this sexy fireman story 'Santa Wore Leathers' and this story featuring Cassie the baby of the family and Quinn is an interesting read. Einstein the charismatic dog makes a cameo appearance but the animal star is Furball the stray cat adopted by Quinn who provides the comic relief and shows a softer side to Quinn.

Cassie turns twenty one and Quinn misses her party. Tired of being ignored Cassie sets out to prove to Quinn, she is the woman of his dreams. Quinn's hidden past means he is unable and unwilling to commit to Cassie, even though he loves her as a friend.

Quinn is a fireman with a past, which forms the basis of the story and proves a major obstacle to admitting he loves Cassie. The initial few chapters are light-hearted and full of sexual tension. The culmination is a steamy encounter between Cassie and Quinn. The heat level of this romance borders on erotic. When Quinn's past threatens his future with Cassie, he abandons his plans to leave her and the story becomes darker and edgy.

This story is a dichotomy; sexy romance versus family values. Humour versus violence, poignancy versus action. The ending is a realistic happy for now for Cassie and Quinn but some questions remain unanswered, to entice you to read the next in the series.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley.