Ocean of Love

Ocean of Love - Susan D. Taylor
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Ocean of Love is a lovely modern day fairytale, for adults. It is a story of contrasts which is definitely part of its appeal. Like the ocean Marissa and Wyatt's love is a sometimes peaceful and enticing and other times dark and stormy.

Marissa works in real estate and outwardly appears to be a dedicated, career minded woman who has little time for love in her busy life. Determined to secure a once in a lifetime deal on a prime ocean front property, forces her up close and personal with Wyatt, whose sole aim is to acquire the property and move onto his next acquisition.

Sparks fly from their first meeting and Wyatt is determined to have Marissa even though she refuses to combine business with pleasure. Marissa calls to his inner soul. Naive Marissa is out of her depth as she struggles with her emotions where Wyatt is concerned. Then there's her secret how will Wyatt cope with that?

The imagery in this story is enchanting and the love scenes are sensually erotic.

The ending leaves the reader with a number of questions and I look forward to the next in the series 'Sweetest Curse'.

The perfect beach read.

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