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Laura Dantonville is an exceptional woman about to turn fifty she looks and behaves like a woman half her age. At her birthday party she discovers her true self and the secret of her youthfulness. Revelations abound and by the end of the day everything she believed to be true is in fact an elaborate facade to protect her.

Alec is the vampire destined to protect Laura in exchange for the gift she bestows upon him. He has protected her mother for the last fifty years so why should this be different?

Bloodgifted is written in the 1st person from Laura and Alec's point of views. This subjective style allows the reader to be a fly on the wall and experience Laura's confusion and devastation when she discovers her true self. Alec is sexy and alpha but glimpsing his innermost thoughts reveals his kindness and unexpected attraction to Laura.

The plot is twisty and every conclusion throws up another question ensuring you keep turning the pages. I loved the apparent ordinariness of the heroine and the existence of a paranormal world operating in secret in mainstream human society.

Bloodgifted shares many qualities of the L. J Smith young adult series Nightworld which I loved. An enthralling mix of history, mystery, paranormal, romance and suspense I can't wait to read the next chapter in the story.

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