The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty (Mills & Boon Modern)

The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty (Mills & Boon Modern) - Michelle Smart


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Pepe steals Cara's phone to help his elder brother Luca, track down his runaway wife Grace. What Pepe doesn't realise is how his careless sortie into Cara's life will have life changing consequences for both of them.
Pepe, although outwardly successful and living the dolce vita, hides a maelstrom of self-doubt and anger. He vents his fury on the unsuspecting Cara and confirms her worst fears. She hates him at this point and he is not the most endearing of heroes, in my eyes either. However it's the little things that betray his compassionate nature. Coupled with his passionate addiction to Cara, he is a hero worth saving. Cara is a gentle person but not weak, as Pepe finds to his cost. Truly courageous Cara is determined not to repeat her parents' mistakes.
Despite Pepe's wealth the story is realistically grounded and enhanced with a charmingly, authentic setting. You experience the couple's knife edge emotions, which continue in intensity right to the poignant end.
Thank goodness for epilogues. After tragedy and misunderstanding Cara and Pepe finally find their happy ever after.

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