Breaking A Bad Boy

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Breaking A Bad Boy' is another fabulous story in the 'Bad Boys' series. Sommer is a bold, feisty heroine and Rory is such a sexy, principled cowboy. Light the touch paper and stand well back as this dynamite couple battle their way towards happy ever after.

Rory and Sommer's romance is the antithesis of Brandon and Mia's love story, not a collar in sight but there is plenty of scorching heat in this erotic romantic tale.

Rory wants to marry Sommer and won't give them both what they want until she agrees. Despite his edict about no sex before marriage this story about the youngest of the McLemore men and his ink artist girlfriend Sommer is erotic and brimming with sensual tension. Sommer persuades her honourable cowboy to love her every which way he can without compromising his values.

Ivy and Vince are notable secondary characters. Love to see more of their love story in another book.

In a story of rock stars, gangsters and a taste of Hollywood glitz there is danger lurking for Sommer and the town of Annona when organised crime rears its ugly head.

Can the infamous McLemore family loyalty save Rory and Sommer's romantic dream?

A sexy, page turning read and a wonderful addition to the Bad Boys series

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