Treasured Hearts

Treasured Hearts - Christy Newton [bc:Treasured Hearts|22093656|Treasured Hearts (More Than Treasure, #3)|Christy Newton||26604373]

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'Treasured Hearts', the last book in the 'More Than Treasure' series is my favourite, probably because Cammie and Simon finally find their happy ever after.
This time Cammie and Simon investigate a case of industrial espionage but not surprisingly, all is not what it seems. This page turner has it all; romance, adventure and a suspenseful twisty plot. Cammie's sweet nature is a perfect foil to Simon's more cynical outlook but her penchant for attracting trouble threatens their life together.
All the ends are nicely finished in this story as Simon realises a future with Cammie will never be boring. I loved the ending so romantic and hopeful.
I have really enjoyed the characters in this series especially Cammie and Simon who despite their rocky starts have reached their full 'potential.
Treasured Hearts' and the 'More Than Treasure' series are recommended reading for lovers of gentle, romantic suspense and sparkling romance.
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

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