Lost Desires (Cravings #0.5)

Lost Desires (Cravings #0.5) - Rachael Orman [bc:Lost Desires|22907238|Lost Desires|Rachael Orman|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1407813592s/22907238.jpg|41345905]

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This erotic novella delivers exactly what the blurb promises. It's easy to imagine yourself in Brittany's position if you're married and have kids. Keeping the chemistry going when there are so many competing demands for your time, is not easy. Her sex life is not the only thing lacking in her life, most of the time she feels like she's bringing the kids up on her own as well as having a career. Ian her hardworking but insulated husband appears satisfied with their physical relationship but is he really?

Brittany expresses her emotions in a realistic way. You understand how deep her unhappiness is when she accepts her close friend's advice and contacts a sex therapist. You feel her embarrassment when she speaks to a stranger about her sex life. Her husband Ian accepts the sex therapist's intervention far more readily than Brittany would have expected. Maybe this is an indication that he too was unhappy with their relationship?

The scenes with the sex therapists are graphic and erotically written but portray Brittany's medley of emotions beautifully.

'Lost Desires' is undeniably hot but also poignant and grounded a lovely mix of fantasy 'what if' and reality.

Definitely a mature adult read.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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