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'The Love List' is a story of contrasts; humour and sadness, business and pleasure, passion and hatred all interwoven to produce a lovely romantic story with a contemporary edge.

Nora King's life is the family company she now runs. It takes all her time and occupies all her thoughts, conveniently allowing her to park her grief for the loss of her father at the bottom of her to do list. The only non business luxury she allows herself is shoes and one particular pair walk her into romance with the larger than life Ethan who takes his role as trouble shooter both in his business and personal life very seriously.

Nora is a witty, geeky woman who hides behind her business attire to avoid emotional upheaval. Her feminine obsession with shoes is the only snippet of the true Nora she allows to surface. Ethan is a man of action who constantly uses his adventurous streak to help other in disaster situations. This 'hands on' help is a kick back to his childhood and parents who were money rich but emotionally poor when it came to their offspring.

The romance is tender and charming and as it progresses you realise the lovers have more in common than fiery passion. The ending is poignant as befits such an engaging romantic story.

I received a copy from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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